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Board change

By: Yvon Schreuder, at 30-01-2020 at 22:22

Last week the board change took place. The 24th board of Vitalis consists of:

Chairman: Loïs Oldhoff
Secretary: Esther van Veen
Treasurer: Milou van Reijnen
Sport affairs: Anouk de Vries
Internal affairs: Yvon Schreuder
External affairs: Tom Speelman

We are really looking forward to the upcoming year!

Kind regards, 

The 24th board of GSAV Vitalis

Zac Freudenburg Cross

By: Femke van den Bos, at 16-01-2020 at 15:34

Last Sunday the 10th edition of the Zac Freudenburg Cross took place. Vitalis was represented in each category; the sprint (1.4 km), the short distance (4.2 km) and the long distance (females: 7 km, males: 8.4 km). Thijmen, Koen, Ronald and Femke participated in the 1.4 km race, and they all came home with a medal. Next up were the females for the short distance race. Eva, Milou, Yvon, Melanie, Karlijn and Roseanne all completed the race and Eva even came home with a bronze medal. Then the male athletes Wouter O. Thijmen, Gerwin, Marius and Martijn van Dijk completed the short distance cross. Again a medal for Thijmen (silver), and a gold medal for Wouter. Lastly it was time for the long distance cross. The females Silke, Ineke, An and Marije completed this distance very fast, which resulted in a podium sweep for Vitalis. Fabian and Frank had the difficult task to compete against the one and only Zac Freudenburg in the 8.4 km race. Zac won the cross, but Fabian was a close second. Altogether, it was a very successful edition of the ZFC, which wouldn’t have been possible without the ZFC committee and the help of the volunteers. Thank you all!

Looking back at December

By: Rianna Lugtenborg, at 05-01-2020 at 13:08

December, the last month of 2019. At the start of the new year time to take another look at December. There have been several competitions and there were also the fun December activities. Below a report about the month of December!


This month a lot of kilometers have been covered in competitions by the vitalists. Vitalists traveled en masse for the NSK stairway in Nijmegen, the wadden sea was crossed for the Ameland adventure run and there was also some trailing during the Sint Thomas Trail. The year ended sportive during the 11th Solaha Athletics Indoor Dronten. It was a party during the Oliebollenloop where the stage was dominated by various vitalists.


Tram 13

The monthly drink in the Tram 13 this month was a fun Christmas sweater drink. We look back on a nice drink where the nicest Christmas sweaters are spotted!

The  FeestCie had been looking forward to it for months, last month was the day. Names had already been drawn in the weeks before and there was a lot of poem by the vitalists. On the holy evening many vitalists were happy to recieve a wonderful gift and a beautiful poem. The necessary poems were distributed and plenty of gingerbread nuts were eaten, and soon the pleasant mood was in!

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