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Will you be our next top athlete, club bartender, or somewhere in between?

Your membership at Vitalis is just a few clicks away. All you have to do is fill out the registration form truthfully. After that you will receive a personal confirmation of your registration from our secretary. The first training session will be planned together with you so you can quickly start training at Vitalis. Please read the small details below. When you become a member of Vitalis you automatically agree with the Huishoudelijk Regelement.

Membership Vitalis

As a member of Vitalis, you can always come and train and attend our social activities. Per calendar year you only pay €40,- contribution to the association. Besides the contribution, the licence costs of the Atletiekunie will be charged, depending on your licence. With a recreational license of €18.15 you can explore the club life well. When you also like to participate in official competitions of the Atletiekunie, it is convenient to take a competition license of €24,50. Are you new to the world of athletics? Then there are 5 euros administration costs from the Atletiekunie. Are you transferring from another athletics club? Then you can have your license transferred for €10.95 by indicating this at your old club. If you remain a member of your old club, it is good to know that you can only have your competition license with one club.

Will you become a member in the period September-December? Then you can become a member at a low rate! The Vitalis contribution costs €14,- and the Atletiekunie license costs are 75% cheaper. Administration or transfer costs remain the same. After this, your membership will automatically be converted to an annual membership.

Are you an exchange student in Groningen? Then you can take a half-year membership that runs concurrently with the college semester from September 1st to February 1st or from February 1st to September 1st. The Vitalis contribution costs €26.50 and the Atletiekunie contribution costs €14.00 for two times a short-term membership. Don't forget to mention your choice when you sign up!

Your membership at Vitalis will be renewed automatically. If you want to cancel your membership, you can send an email before November 19th per calendar year to See also:

Trial training 

To get a good impression of the sport and the association before you decide to become a member, you can join a free trial training up to four times at Vitalis. You can schedule a trial training via with your preference about a training group, part, or your broader interest in the sport. You can find all training groups and times at Training groups - GSAV Vitalis .


Vitalis is affiliated with the ACLO, so like every other student sports association in Groningen you will need an ACLO-card. You can buy an ACLO-card per academic year for €59,95 or per semester for €49,95. You can buy your ACLO-card with your student account at or at the front desk of the Sports Center at Zernike. As a member you are required to purchase this card directly, as stated in our Internal Regulations.

Direct debits

The payment of your membership and other fees is done by automatic collection in March, July, October, and December. The first direct debit in March will collect the membership fee and license fee. If you sign up at a later time in the year, this will be included in the next direct debit. The direct debit also collects the costs for clothing and merchandise, participation in activities, competitions, training weekends, club weekends, etc. No later than two weeks before the direct debit takes place, you will be informed of the direct debit with a cost overview via e-mail. You can also find this cost overview in your Vitalis profile at all times.

Introductory period

Especially for all new students Vitalis organizes the introductory period in September. This gives you a good impression of what Vitalis has to offer in three weeks time. Participation in the intro period is free of obligations and costs only 10 euros. For the full program of last year's intro period take a look at the Introduction period 2021! - GSAV Vitalis. You can sign up for the intro period from July here Aanmaken - Introductielid - GSAV Vitalis . After the intro period you can decide whether you want to become a member of the association. The contribution for the remaining part of 2022 is €14,-. In addition, from October-December you also pay membership fees at a reduced rate (75% discount) to the Atletiekunie and a one-time administration fee of €5.00. After December, your membership will automatically be converted into an annual membership. If you do not want this, please indicate this before November 19 via e-mail to See also:

If you would like to start training before the start of the intro period (July/August), you need to purchase a six-month membership. The contribution is €26.50. In addition, the Atletiekunie charges twice the cost of a short-term membership (€2 x 7.00 = 14.00). If you want to make use of this, please indicate this when you register. Please also indicate if you want to participate in the introductory period for a fee of €10,-. You can sign up as a member of Vitalis here. After December your membership will automatically be changed into an annual membership. If you do not want this, please indicate this before November 19, via e-mail to See also:

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