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Becoming a member of GSAV Vitalis can be done online in two easy steps:

  1. Fill out this form.
  2. Approval by our membership registration records, after approval, you will receive a confirmation email.

Membership of G.S.A.V. Vitalis lasts from 1 January to 31 December and is automatically continuous (this means that you need to actively request to end your membership before the deadline of 19 November, by mail or by email to, more information about this can be found here: The annual membership contribution is €40.-. In addition to this annual contribution, we are required to charge you a Dutch Athletics Union license fee. The basic license fee of the Athletics Union amounts to €18.15. In addition, you can choose a competition license, for this license, the Athletics Union will charge an additional €24.50. In the event of a new membership or transfer from another Dutch association, the Athletics Union also charges administration fees (€5.00 and €10.95 respectively).

The difference between a basic license and competition license. 
When you have a competition license you are allowed to participate in the official Dutch national running competition. Nowadays it is also possible for athletes with a basic license to participate in large running competitions. However, when you have a competition license you can (sometimes) start in a separate start section up front of the recreational runners (for example at the 4 mijl of Groningen). Also, in several official running competitions you are only eligible for a prize (podium place) when you have a competition licence. Finally, if you would like to participate in the Dutch national competition team of Vitalis you need to have a competition license. On the following website of the Atlethics Union you can find more details, it is however only available in Dutch: . When you have a competition license, you also have a juror duty. This means you have to volunteer at an athletics contest for at least one time. 

Please note! If you are already registered at the International Association of Athletics Federations as a competition member, you don't need a competition licence from the (Dutch) Atlethics Union. However, you do need a basic licence for insurance purposes.

Period from September till December 
In this period it is possible to become a Vitalis member at a reduced rate. The contribution will then be €14.-. Besides, you will also pay contribution at a reduced rate  (75% discount) to the Athletics Union from october-december. In addition you will already pay the one-off administration fees for € 8.00 or 10.95. 

Half year membership
Additionally, during the period from 01-09 to 01-02 or 01-02 to 01-09 you can also join Vitalis at a reduced rate. The contribution will then be €26.50. However, the Athletics Union will charge two times the costs of a short-term membership (€2 x 7.00 = 14.00). If you wish to make use of a half year membership, you are required to indicate this at the time of sign-up. 

As with every student sports association in Groningen you should also be in possession of an ACLO activated college card. For more information about an ACLO sports license, visit the ACLO website.

When you sign up for a membership at Vitalis you automatically agree to the internal regulations (

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