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Become a donor of Vitalis!

Have you finished your studies, or are you leaving Groningen, but do you still wish to stay connected to Vitalis and contribute the best you can? This is possible! Donorship allows you to remain connected to Vitalis and postpone a definitive goodbye. As a donor you will keep receiving Vitalis related updates and you will be invited to attend various Vitalis activities. You become a donor by filling in this form: You can choose from three different packages according to your needs. Donorship is automatically renewed annualy. For questions you can contact



(Most chosen)



Our semi-annual donor newsletter 

Honourable mention

A place on the website and in ‘Het Ei’

Account website

Your own account on the website

Het Ei

The club magazine digitally 


Five trainings per year


A free ticket for the ZFC


Access to the online store of Vitalis 

FeestCie Activities

Access to our monthly drinks and social activities 

Association activity at 25% discount

Choice out of one of the following:

- The annual Vitalis gala and -dinner

- The training weekends

- The association weekend 

(excluding alcoholic consumptions)

From 15 €

From 25 €

From 40 €

We are very thankful for the contributions of of the following donors:

- Joost Klugkist

- Ard Vlooswijk 

- Jan-Jouke Vos

- Eddy Menkveld

- Lars Eefting

- Linde van Tilburg

- Daniël Vrolijk

- Vera Kooiman

- Piet Pascha

- Roeland Broekema

- Bianca Muijzer van Osch

- Kees Hink

- Erika Bremer

- Jelle Kok

- Patrick Sinnema

- Anja Bekema

- Femke van den Bos