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It is of course impossible for Vitalis, the largest student athletics association in the Netherlands, to exist without sponsors!

Vitalis is a lively and steadily growing student athletics association involved in NSKs (Dutch Student Championships) and the Dutch national athletics competition, among various other competitions. Next to the sport-related activities that Vitalis engages in, it organizes many social activities for its members as well.

Vitalis provides various sponsorship opportunities as listed below:

Sponsorship opportunities:

1. Billboards

Vitalis offers your company the option to place a billboard next to the athletics track at the Stadspark in Groningen. The track is used by many different types of sports associations, such as Groningen Atletiek, Team 4-mijl, G.S.S.V. Tjas, G.S.T.V. Tritanium, G.V.A.V. Triathlon, and off course G.S.A.V. Vitalis. In total, these associations have more than 1500 members. Every day of the week different trainings take place on the track at the Stadspark. These trainings are targeted at a various amount of target groups, such as working adults (20-70 years old), student, children, and nationally and internationally famous athletes such as Thijmen Kupers (Dutch 800m runner). Next to the different trainings that take place on the track, some competitions do so as well. For example, the Martinibokaal and the (finish of the) Bommen Berendloop. Given that the target group is so diverse, it ensures that the billboard of your company will be seen by a large and interesting public.

2. Media

Vitalis has several media forums, where it is possible to place an advertisement, link, logo, short article or a video. Some media forums are external, some internal.

Website (150.000 visits per year): external

  1. Banner with link to your company
  2. Company information on the main page of the website
  3. Video on the main page of the website
  4. Company vacancies on the main page of the website

Facebookpage and Instagram: external

Message on the Vitalis Facebookpage and Instagram.

Association magazine 'het Ei': internal

  1. Advertisement or logo - half a page
  2. Advertisement or logo - full page

Association newsletter (monthly): internal

Short article with information about the company and what it could offer to Vitalis members.

3. Competitions: Dutch Student Championships (NSK) and Zac Freudenburg Cross (ZFC)

Vitalis organizes a couple of competitions every year. The ZFC takes place in the Stadspark in January. This cross attracts many runners from the city and the surrounding area. There are distances for both children and adults, which means every age group is well represented! In addition, a NSK is organized almost every year. Participants from all over the country come to Groningen to participate in these student championships. Since we strive for the largest possible field of participants, promotion of these competitions is of great importance. A private website, a Facebook page and Instagram will be created for the competitions. As a sponsor you make these fun competitions possible. The following sponsorships are possible: 

  1. Your logo / name is on the start numbers;
  2. Your logo / name is available on the website and on social media;
  3. Your logo / name is on flyers and posters;
  4. Placing a flag / banner or being present yourself during the match day;
  5. Your logo / name on the committee clothing. 

4. Clinics

Next to many physical sponsorship opportunities, Vitalis offers your company the opportunity to enjoy different running clinics. During these clinics it is possible to enjoy a professional running training and get more information about how to train in a responsible manner, which shoes to wear during training, which clothes are most appropriate and what to eat after the training ends. The clinics will be given by experienced athletes within Vitalis.

If your company is participating in a team competition in any running event, Vitalis could offer help in making a suitable training schedule. When the training is specifically focused on the competition distance, it could enhance performance during the event significantly. Important is that there will be focus on how to prevent injuries as well. The schedules are tailored to specific needs and requests that your company might have and focus on the goals that you have in mind.

5. Main sponsor

In case your company might be interested in being the main sponsor of Vitalis, please contact the board via the External Coordinator to identify what the possibilities are. Contact details are listed below.

As a student association we are naturally very open-minded to all possible creative sponsorship ideas! Would you like to sponsor Vitalis, or do you happen to have any questions regarding sponsorship? Please contact our External Coordinator by email: