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Our sponsors

Physiotherapist Bob Stoker (Sportzorg Noordnederland)
Address: Euvelgunnerweg 25a, in the building of De Stek

Bob Stoker is our physiotherapist. If you have any aches or pains, or if you have a question, you can go to Bob. He can determine how best to treat you and how best to resume your trainings. Making an appointment with Bob is very easy, you can just send him a WhatsApp.

In this message it is useful to put the following information:
- That you are a Vitalis member.
- Who your trainer is and in which group you train.
- Which event you are doing.
- What your injuries are.
- What your background is in terms of injuries and sports history.

Bob's phone number is 06 53976864.

Sport podiatrist Henk Jager
Address: Boterdiep 16

Henk Jager is our sport podiatrist. This profession focuses on reducing and preventing injuries that originate from foot problems. An example of a typical injury which might be the result from foot problems are injuries related to the achilles heel and/or shin. If you are struggling with these types of injuries or just want to have more information, please click the link to Henk's website above.

Café Tram 13
Address: Gelkingestraat 13

Every second Wednesday of the month, Vitalis organizes a social at Tram 13. A lot of memorable evenings have started here. Every one is welcome at all the socials to get in contect with fellow Vitalis members! If you are looking for a location for a festive event, please have a look at Tram 13's website to see what the options are.

Pouw Rent: Car rental
Address: Skagerrak 6

Pouw Rent is the car rental company in Groningen. Whether you're looking for a van for a move or for a committee weekend, it's all possible with their wide range of rental cars. As a Vitalist you have a 10% discount on renting a car or bus!

Shirt a la Minute
Address: Vismarkt 44

Shirt a la minute is the place where you need to go if you want any prints on your clothes. In addition to textile prints, Shirt a la minute is selling all different types of clothes and textiles as well.

On the total purchase price (including both prints and textiles), all Vitalis members get a 10% discount. So let them know you represent Vitalis!


Sponsorkliks is the easiest way to get money for Vitalis. If you make your online purchases via the sponsorkliks link, Vitalis will receive a certain percentage of your purchase amount back! This even applies to large web shops such as coolblue, and even Thuisbezorgd! So don't forget to click and support Vitalis.
Adres: Osloweg 75

We have made ordering printing as cheap and easy as possible. We provide all the printing you need as a student during your studies. Whether it is a thesis, report, dissertation or other printed matter. Even as a non-student, you can print and bind with us for a competitive student rate.

Discount code: SDWXVITALIS2022 (for 17.5% discount!)