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De NSK-TeamsCie

The Dutch Student Championship Teams committee (NSK-TeamsCie) is set up every year to establish the NSK teams in a student city. In 2023, the honor was given to G.S.A.V. Vitalis to organize this competition in Groningen. Shortly after this, the NSK-Teams committee was founded. Before the NSK-Teams start, the committee arranges matters such as dining, sleeping accommodation, the party, volunteers and competition matters such as the presence of competition officials and materials. During the weekend of the NSK-Teams, the committee ensures that everything runs smoothly and that problems are solved. All in all, the goal is to organize a good and fun competition with a wonderful party for the other student athletics associations in the Netherlands at the end!

We also have our own page on the website (NSK Teams - GSAV Vitalis). For questions or comments, we can be reached at: