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NSK Meerkamp

Welcome to the official page of the NSK Meerkamp 2022!

This year GSAV Vitalis has the honor to organize the NSK Multi-Competition on June 11th and 12th.

Besides the classic heptathlon for women, decathlon for men and a playful part, there will also be a pentathlon run!

This pentathlon consists of the following parts: ntb. It is also possible to participate in separate parts, so there is something for everyone!

For the competitors there will be eating and sleeping facilities around the track. Day 1 of the all-around will also be concluded with a party in the center of Groningen. It promises to be a sporty but also very pleasant weekend in the beautiful far north!

Can you, like us, not wait? Keep an eye on this page and our social media channels for more information and how you can register.


NSK Meerkamp Committee

From left to right: Above: Secretary: Rens Rolink, Treasurer: Jeroen de Wolf, Competition Secretary: Dennis Westra, Below: Promotion & Volunteers: Roos Spierings, Chairwoman: Amerins Ypma, Facilities & Acquisition: Sara Mina Saberi.


Instagram: @nskmeerkamp2022


Register: (opens  11-04) 

Proof of student registration: click here  

Race regulations: click here (in Dutch)

Volunteers: Sign up here

Dinner, sleeping and party:  click here