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The Lustrum

It is time for an amazing lustrum! 5 beautiful years have passed, and that is why we will celebrate Vitalis’ 25th birthday, the 5th lustrum, extensively! You can find the announcement of this lustrum in the video down below. We as the lustrum committee have put together a varied week full of awesome activities, think of: a lustrum social, lasergaming, an educational clinic of an olympic athlete, gala, ironic sports day and many more activities. The week starts on Wednesday the 6th of October, and will end on Friday the 15th with a magical lustrum gala, organised by the Galaxie. Further information about things such as the times of the activities will follow later.

The current planning of the activities is as follows:

Thursday 16/09: Lustrum diner  (not included in passe-partout)

Wednesday 6/10: Lustrum social drink

Thursday 7/10: Laser gaming

Saturday 9/10: Lustrum competition

Sunday 10/10: BBQ & Old-member day

Tuesday 12/10: Running clinic from Andrea Deelstra (not included in passe-partout)

Wednesday 13/10: Olympic drinking games

Thursday 14/10: Hangover brunch

Friday 15/10: Lustrum gala (not included in passe-partout)

Are you ready for the lustrum?

  1. Have you already submitted your photo for the almanac? Submit a photo for the almanac.
  2. Have you already bought a page in the almanac? Mail to
  3. Have you signed up for Andrea Deelstra's clinic yet? Register clinic.


You cannot sign up for a passe-partout anymore.

Old members

On Sunday October 10th, an activity will be organized for old members. It is also possible for old members to come to other activities, more information about this will follow soon. If you have any questions, you can send us an email on


To celebrate the lustrum, we are also working on making an almanac. Of course, an almanac is incomplete without a page with pictures of both current and old members. Therefore, we need a picture of you, together with a catchy quote. You can upload these here! In this forms, there are also a couple of questions and dilemmas, so we can make up statistics of the association. So if you would like to be captured in the almanac, fill in the forms!

Your face is not the only way in which you can be featured in the almanac, you can also get your own page for only €15,-. Buy a page on your own, or together with others, and fill this in any way you like!* If you would love this, send an email to

*The lustrum committee will check if it is appropriate.


In addition to an almanac, a birthday calendar will also be made for the lustrum, full of beautiful pictures of Vitalisten. Do you also want to be on this calendar? Think of a beautiful, original or fun photo and send it in before September 24, or even easier come to the track on Tuesday September 7 and have the photo taken by the FlitsCie!

So if you shine in the calendar next month, send in your photo quickly or see you on the track on Tuesday (7 September)!

If you already have a photo, send it to


The lustrum festivities do not end in October. We are also planning a skiing trip in the beginning of 2022. If you are interested in joining, please fill in our interest form, so we can start planning when and where the trip will go!

Lustrum announcement video