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The KasCie

The KasCie committee exists on the bases of statutory regulations within Vitalis to check and discuss all financial matters within Vitalis with the Treasurer. The committee has 3 members who, while members of the KasCie, may not be part of the board and are directly appointed by the general members meeting. The committee checks, at a minimum of twice a year, the entire bookkeeping of the association and reports and advises the general members meeting on these matters. To do this, the KasCie has unrestricted access to all documents within Vitalis. The KasCie is independent of the board and can only be held accountable by the general members meeting. The first financial check takes place just before the half-yearly general members meeting in September. The second takes place just before general members meeting in January.

Additionally, the KasCie operates as an independent financial advisory organ to aid the board in making financial decisions, especially for the Treasurer to set up the yearly budget.