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Introduction period 2023

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Great that you are interested in the introduction period of G.S.A.V. Vitalis! You can register by clicking on the orange button. On this page you'll find all the important information about our introduction period (12-21 Sept). Would you like to know more about what to expect during your intro period and what else you can do at Vitalis? Then download our information booklet, which you can find at the bottom of this page. See you in September!

  • Program

    The introduction period at Vitalis consists of trainings and social activities and will take place from Tuesday 12 until Thursday 21 September. Together with your introduction group you will have a look at all these activities. In 2 weeks time you will get to know Vitalis at a fast pace! On the right you will find an overview of all trainings and activities during the introduction period. All activities take place in the evening and start around 18:00.

    Introduction trainings

    Athletics is a sport with many different events: from a 100m sprint to a marathon and from long jump to javelin throw, you can train all event at Vitalis. In the training sessions of the intro period you will go through (part of) the athletics parts with your intro group by training with training groups of Vitalis. And don't worry: you don't have to have experience with athletics or running to participate in our intro period.

    Arranging of intro groups
    In the intro period we divide the groups based on your preference. We have 4 different types of intro groups:

    1. Long distance group: Do you like to train for longer distances? For example a 5 or 10 km on the road or a 1500m on the track? Then you can sign up for this intro group: you will be challenged with fun interval training sessions in the road group and MLD (middle long distance).
    2. All round group: Do you want the ultimate athletics experience, by experiencing both sprint, jumping and throwing events? Then join the all-around group: this group will introduce you to as many track events as possible.

    Beginners course
    Immediately following the introduction period, the beginner's course starts. This course teaches you all the basic techniques of athletics and improves your fitness so you can join one of our training groups without injuries! The course starts at September 27th and lasts 8 weeks. More information or sign up? Then look here.


    During the intro period you will go with your intro group to all activities and trainings. Every group has two intro-parents: these are enthusiastic Vitalists who will tell you everything about Vitalis and who will accompany you to all activities and trainings during the intro period. In this way you will not only get to know the association, but also a lot of Vitalists!

    Social activities

    Vitalists do not only sport, but also participate enthusiastically in social activities. On both Tuesdays, after the training, you will join the well-known Vitalis Tuesday evening dinner: this is a delicious meal that is eaten in the canteen every Tuesday after training, so you can have a nice chat.

    During the intro period

    The first week you will meet Tram 13, our local pub. And this will not be just any drink, but a 'running social' (don't worry: you don't have to run). During this running social you and your group will play games against other intro groups on different locations in the city. Afterwards you can have a nice chat and a victory dance in Tram 13!

    In the second week there will be a committee market during the Tuesday evening dinner. Here all committees of Vitalis will introduce themselves to you. Maybe you will organize the next club championships or collect all the juicy gossip as a member of our club magazine committee! On Wednesday in week 2 there is a football tournament in the Stadspark. The review will take place during a delicious barbecue at the canteen. You do not want to miss that!

    Closing activities

    To close your intro period with style there are two fantastic Vitalis activities right after the intro period. Immediately after the intro period there is the membersweekend (22 until 24 Sept). This is the weekend to get acquainted with a large group of active Vitalists and to have a weekend full of games and fun. One week later, the club championships track (Saturday 30 September). At this low-threshold competition you can test if you can surpass yourself after all the fanatical training in the intro period. How you can sign up will be announced in due time, but keep the dates free!

    Practical information

    Signing up
    Are you also looking forward to the intro period? Then sign up via this link

    More information
    For more information about the intro period and Vitalis you can download the information booklet by clicking on the orange button on the left. Also take a look at this information page.

    You can participate in the introductory period of Vitalis for only 10 euros! Everything is included in the price (excluding drinks). Participation is completely free of obligations. There are no mandatory trainings or social activities. Note: the membersweekend and the club championships are not included in the price!

    Do you have any questions after reading this page and the information booklet? Then you can email the PR-SponsorCie at

    Address athletics track
    The athletics track is located on the
       Mulock Houwerlaan 25
       9727KG Groningen
    Let op: the athletics track is not at the ACLO, but in the Stadspark!