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Honorary members

Whenever (old) Vitalis members provide a very significant and important contribution to Vitalis, they can become honorary members. New honorary member nominations and votings can occur during the general members meetings. The current honorary members of Vitalis are:

Marco Glastra

As the founder of our association, there is no doubt Marco Glastra should be an honarary member of Vitalis. After a board year at Tjas, Marco decided that it was time Groningen got a student athletics association. Together with Sabine, Wilfred, Kor, Mariette and Judith, he started brainstorming, which resulted in the foundation of Vitalis on the 16th of September 1994. Without him Vitalis wouldn't have existed so we are very thankful for him.
Fynn van Buuren

Fynn has contributed much to Vitalis. He was active in several committees and was the chairman of the board in 2013. Besides being a very active member of Vitalis, Fynn also trained the sprint group, in which he was very successful. Because of these contributions to the association it has been decided to make Fynn an honorary member.

Jeffrey Zant

Without Jeffrey we wouldn't have had this amazing website. Besides his boardyear in 2017 and his committeework, Jeffrey put many hours in creating and updating this website. We are very thankful for this and hence this is a good reason to make Jeffrey an honorary member.
Laurens van Kouwenhove

Since 2008, Laurens is a member of Vitalis and since then he has been active in many different committees, in which he contributed much to Vitalis. Besides the many committees, Laurens was in the board in 2009. All of this certainly makes him worthy of being an honorary member. Moreover, we can still find Laurens on the track quite often!

Maarten Knol

Maarten Knol, from his background as a master of law and as an active member, has made a very nice and important contribution
to the association. His commitment and expertise led to the formation of the bylaws, the rewritten HR and the BR.
In doing so, he made a huge contribution to the underlying structure of our association and the formation of a solid legal framework. For this merit we are very grateful and this makes him a worthy honorary member.