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The FlitsCie

We will make sure there is a photographer at every Vitalis event. Our purpose is to make sure new photos and videos will be uploaded to the website as soon as possible. Moreover, the FlitsCie designs and creates a foto DVD with an overview of photos and videos from the previous year.

The FlitsCie will also make sure everyone has a profile picture in the almanac. You can contact the FlitsCie and send your own picture if you don't fancy the picture we chose for you in the almanac. You can choose your own picture for the message board.

A high quality version of all pictures uploaded to the website will be saved by the FlitsCie. You can send an email to the FlitsCie if you are interested in some high quality pictures. Did you take some pictures of your own? Please don't hesitate and send the pictures to the FlitsCie (, or give them to a FlitsCie member on a CD or USB.

We are always looking for enthousiastic Vitalis members that are willing to help us make even more photos and videos, especially if you have a decent camera and you attend many Vitalis activities. Please contact us if you're interested in joining the FlitsCie!