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The FeestCie

Every second Wednesday of the month we organize a social, often with a nice theme. During the socials you can catch up with your fellow Vitalis friends while having a few drinks. During the socials we also have the Vitalis Pub Ranking! In various ways you can earn points to become the new pubking or pubqueen. So, make sure you visit the social in Tram 13 whenever you can!

Besides the socials, we also organize various other activities during the entire year. During these activities we often try to do something completely different than athletics! Many amazing activities have already been organized in the past, such as: ice skating, bowling, football, volleyball and Sinterklaas celebrations.

In addition, we organize the clubweekend in September. This weekend is marked by a theme that we announce a few weeks in advance. This clubweekend is not dedicated to athletics at all, but instead it is more dedicated towards games and parties to get to know each other even better. In short, keep an eye on the calendar for the latest news and newest activities.

How much time does it take to be a part of this committee?
 1-5 hours a week
How often does the committee meet?
Once a month
Which interests best suit this committee?
 If you like partying and organizing socials and various sports activities
How can you get in touch with the FeestCie?
 You can always approach someone from the committee or send an email to
Are you interested? Please contact the internal commissioner (Laurens)! Via a message or an email.