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The FeestCie

Every second Wednesday of the month we organise a social, oftentimes with a nice theme. This allows for a few drinks while having good conversations with other Vitalis members. During the socials we also have the Vitalis Pub Ranking! In various ways you can earn points to become the new pubking/queen and obtain some sweet related prizes. So, make sure you visit the social in Tram 13 whenever you can!

Besides the socials we also organize various other activities during the entire year. During these activities we oftentimes try to do something completely different than athletics! Many amazing activities have already been organized in the past, such as: ice skating, bowling, football, volleyball and of course our tradition of Sinterklaas evening.

Additionally, we organise the association weekend in October. This weekend is marked by a theme that we announce a few weeks in advance. This association weekend is not dedicated to athletics at all, but instead it is more dedicated towards games and parties to get to know each other even better. Signing up for this weekend is possible via the calendar.

In short, keep an eye on the calendar for the latest news and newest activities. If you have any questions, ideas or if you would like to possibly join this committee send an e-mail to