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The EerstejaarsCie

The First Year Committee is a wonderful committee for becoming an active member at Vitalis in an accessible way. The committee organises at least 2 activities for all members who became a member in the same academic year as you. You can do this as big and as fun as you want. To start the committee, the commissioner internal affairs will attend the first meetings and you can ask all your questions. You can use all your creativity and get to know the association well!

How much time does the committee take? 

2 hours per month.

How often does the committee meet?

 Once a month.

What interests do you have in the committee?

 Do you have little time and are you just new to Vitalis, but still want to become an active member and get to know the association? Then join the First year committee!

How can you reach the First year Committee?

You can always talk to someone from the committee or send an email to