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Vitalis Sportswear

At Vitalis you can order both competition and casual wear.

Sports clothing

The sports clothing is made possible by Forte Sportswear and can be ordered by mailing to, or by placing an order during one of the fitting moments. As soons as 5 items of the same piece of clothing are ordered, we can place the order at Forte and the clothes will be produced. Afterwards there still is a delivery time of 9 weeks, so take that into account. The competition clothing (T-shirts, singlets and tops) will be ordered at least once a year, no matter the amount of orders, such that they will be delivered in time for the competition.

The upcoming fitting moments will be during the association weekend and on Tuesday the 8th of October, following these fitting moments, we will place an order on the 15th of October. So place your order before the 15th of October!

All the sportswear is shown below.

Casual wear

The casual wear includes a sweater with a Vitalis print (sweater is available in the colors dark blue and gray). Ordering this sweater is possible during the indicated periods. There are also caps and bottles with the Vitalis logo available. Ordening these articles is possible by sending an e-mail to the external coordinator (

For questions you can send an e-mail to

Short Sleeve T-shirt

Long Sleeve Shirt

Tracksuit Jacket
Tracksuit Pants with Zipper
Running Tight Short


Running tight Long
Cycling Shirt
Set price(shirt+pants) €79.95
Cycling Pants
Set price(shirt+pants) €79.95
Linen bag