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Vitalis Sportswear and Merchandise

At Vitalis you can order both competition and casual wear (see below).

Sports clothing

The sports clothing is made possible by Forte Sportswear and can be ordered by mailing to, or by placing an order during one of the fitting moments. As soons as 5 items of the same piece of clothing are ordered, we can place the order at Forte and the clothes will be produced. Afterwards there still is a delivery time of 9 weeks, so take that into account. The competition clothing (T-shirts, singlets and tops) will be ordered at least once a year, no matter the amount of orders, such that they will be delivered in time for the competition. Keep an eye on the internal communications for the next ordering moment.

All the sportswear is shown below.

T-shirt short sleeve
T-shirt long sleeve
Tracksuit jacket
Tracksuit pants
Running tight short
Running tight long
Cycling shirt
Cycling pants

Set prices

Setprice cycling shirt & pants

€ 85,31

Setprijs T-shirt shirt sleeve & running tight short

€ 69,58

Setprijs T-shit long sleeve & running tight short

€ 76,23

Setprijs singlet & running tight short

€ 65,95

Setprijs top & running tight short

€ 57,48

Casual wear

As to show our wonderful club colours off the track as well, we have a wonderful leasure time product range!
For example, our sweater which has a nice Vitalis print up front and the possibility of a print on the back with "Vitalis is ..." where you can choose how you finish the sentence or use an image. You can order this sweater during the indicated periods (internal communication). Next to that, we there are the must-have water bottles for quenching your thirst during any activity! While sporting or having a nice beer and enjoying the sn it is important to protect yourself with our Vitalis sun glasses or cap.

In addition to the 3 items mentioned above, we also have limited batches of Vitalis socks. These are only available at specific times and in limited numbers. Keep an eye out for the arrival of the next batch!

Ordering casual wear is possible by mailing the Commissaris Extern (, you can also use the same contact for any questions.

Casual wear is shown below as well.


Vitalis Sweater:
Vitalis print front - €20,-
Vitalis print front + "Vitalis is ..." back - €25,-
Linen bag
Vitalis Socks
(available in limited numbers)