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Club Championships

  • At Vitalis there are 3 different club championships;

    - Club Championships Cross Country
    - Club Championships Road
  • - Club Championships Track
  • Club Championships Cross Country

    At the beginning of autumn the club championships cross-country take place. During the club championships cross-country runners mainly run on unpaved surfaces such as grass and unpaved paths. At Vitalis you can choose to run the short distance or the long distance, and the fastest in each distance is the club champion!

    Reigning champions

    Men Short: Thijmen van der Loop
    Women Short: Yvon Schreuder
    Men Long: Niall Foley
    Women Long: Emma van Oijen

  • Club Championships Road

    When spring has started, the club championships road take place. A lap trough the Stadspark is run on paved paths. The Vitalists can choose between a short or long distance. The fastest runner on each distance will be crowned the club champion! 

    Reigning club champions

    Men short: Niall Foley
    Women short: Milou Reijnen
    Men Long: Rens Rolink
    Women's Long: Yara Stunnenberg

  • Club Championships Track

    At the end of the track season, the club championships track take place. As the name already says, this takes place on the athletics track. In order to become club champion, you compete against all other Vitalists in various events during a small combined events competition. Whoever scores the most points during the entire combined events is the new club champion!

    Reigning champions
    Men: Sven Bootsma
    Women: Amerins Ypma