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The BarCie

Every evening of the work week the canteen is openend and the bar is staffed by enthousiastic members of the local athletics or triathlon associations. Every Tuesday evening is Vitalis' turn. The responsible Vitalis members that, in turn, staff the bar every Tuesday, form the BarCie together. This group of Vitalis members, who choose to not only hang out at the bar but to also help out after the Tuesday training session, consists of: Matisse (chair), Eric, Lieke, Thijmen, Tim, Isabel, Wouter D., and Marije.

The BarCie provides a warm welcome after each Tuesday training with a nice hot cup of tea or coffee. It is inexpensive to order and enjoy the various available items. The BarCie is responsible for a clean canteen by the end of each Tuesday evening. Additionally, every Tuesday Vitalis members prepare a fine dinner of which we gladly enjoy a portion as well.

In short, a great Vitalis committee. You can contact us by email,