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About Vitalis

General information

GSAV Vitalis is a relatively young student athletics association based in Groningen, the Netherlands. Vitalis was founded in 1996 by Marco Glastra. After nearly 20 years of existence the association has over 170 members and can proudly be named the largest student athletics association in the Netherlands. Vitalis is the student athletics association where a combination of sports and fun are made possible. In the past years Vitalis has competed in all important student championships and won several of them too. Therefore, it is not without reason that the prize for best student athletics association is in possession of Vitalis for multiple years in a row now! Additionally, with both our male and female team we compete against civilian athletics associations in the second division of the Royal Dutch Athletics Federation.

The athletics track based in 'het Stadspark' in Groningen is the shared home-base for Vitalis and the civilian athletics association Groningen Atletiek. Our location in Stadspark provides excellent opportunities for endurance and road training sessions, but most of all for cross country running. Additionally, other beautiful nature and urban areas in and around Groningen are also part of our training sessions.

Are you interested in the combination of both sports and fun? Or do you already run that same training route through your neighborhood two or three times a week? Either way, you are very much welcome at Vitalis, with us you are easily familiarized with all disciplines in track and field. Whether you are still a beginner or a top athlete already, we will help you improve your track and field experiences. For the absolute beginners a special beginner group exists to teach you all the basics of running and technical disciplines.

Besides all of the previously mentioned competitions, Vitalis also participates actively in several other competitions such as the Dutch student championships (NSKs), the famous Batavierenrace relay and national and international indoor competitions. Twice a year Vitalis also organizes running competitions together with the ACLO which take place at the Zernike campus. Additionally, we also organise some competitions on the track in Stadspark such as the Martinibokaal together with Groningen Atletiek.

Training groups

Members of Vitalis have the option to choose if they would like to be a recreational oriented member or a competitive oriented member. As a recreational member you can freely join all our training sessions. In addition, as a competitive member you can also enter competitions organized by the Royal Dutch Athletics Federation.

Athletics knows many disciplines. They can all be practiced at Vitalis, except for race walking. To make this possible, Vitalis has four different training groups: Road-group, MLA-group, Sprint-group and Technical-group. More information can be found on the page Training groups. Would you like to try out athletics and get to know Vitalis? You are very much welcome to visit and participate costless in one of our training groups four times, before you become a real member of Vitalis!


Athletics is a lot of fun, however relaxation is always appreciated too. Besides the weekly training sessions, extracurricular activities are organized throughout the year:

  1. Every Tuesday it is possible to eat together with fellow Vitalis members. Every Tuesday there is the option to sign up for dinner with fellow Vitalis members by means of this website's message board. Normally several members take up the task to do some grocery shopping to provide everyone with a healthy meal after the Tuesday training session. Would you like to join? Feel free to ask someone from Vitalis for additional information!
  2. Training-weekends in which sports and leisure-time are combined on a weekend away with Vitalis members in the northern part of the Netherlands. Multiple trainers will join this weekend to support you in the best way possible with your ambitions in athletics.
  3. Trip abroad with ZeuS, the student athletics federation. ZeuS organizes a yearly trip to a foreign country where training and a competition are combined. As an example, the Hyde park relays in London have been a frequent destination in the past.
  4. The Vitalis weekend. Each year the FeestCie (Dutch for party committee) picks the best location and theme to have a nice weekend away with all members from Vitalis. The Vitalis weekend is usually organized at the end of the introduction period in September.
  5. Monthly socials. Each second Wednesday of the month we visit the Tram 13, our local pub, for some fun and drinks. The Feestcie organizes a different theme and complementary activities each month. Additionally, we have a competition in which points can be obtained based on your thematic outfit and your performance in the activities in the current year. Afterwards there usually is a group of Vitalis members who go out dancing at nightclubs whom you can join if you feel up for it.
  6. Monthly activities. De FeestCie organizes one activity per month where a sports and social aspects are combined. For example, mountain biking, climbing, bowling, lacrosse, etc.

Become a member

Are you interested in becoming a member of Vitalis? Then visit the Become a member webpage as soon as possible!