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About Vitalis

Are you interested in athletics or do you like running? If so, you can join the largest and most fun student athletics club in the Netherlands: Vitalis! Vitalis is the association where sport and fun are combined! From high jump to javelin throw and from sprinting to endurance runs, there will be a training group that suits you. We compete in national competitions like Student Championships, and in smaller competitions, like our own club championships. Besides the weekly training sessions, we organize other activities throughout the year! Every Tuesday we eat together at the track after training. In addition, many members join the monthly drinks in our pub Tram 13 and other fun outings. We also organize training weekends and our own gala.

On this page you can read all about Vitalis. Do you have any questions? Then you can always send an mail to If you want to become a member, please scroll down!

Training groups

At Vitalis we have a lot of training groups, so you can do exactly the events you like. Almost every day of the week there is a group you can train with. You can join at any level: some Vitalists have never done athletics before and others are running at the Dutch Championships. You can get to know all events of athletics; there is bound to be something you like! Beginners can learn the basics of running and the technical events in different training groups.

Would you like to know more about the different training groups and training times? Then click here.

Would you like to join a training session? You can always come and train four times for free, without any obligations, before you become a member!


Vitalis participates in various competitions. Every year there are eight NSKs, or Dutch Student Championships. Here Vitalis competes against students from other student athletic associations. NSKs are fun competitions for athletes of every level that always end with a great party. Are you curious which NSKs there are? Hold on for the long list: NSK Track, NSK Teams, NSK Indoor, NSK Road, NSK Cross, NSK Combined Events, NSK Ekiden and NSK Stair climbing.

Vitalis also participates in the national competition of the Atletiekunie. Both the women's team and the men's team are active in the second division. Everything about the competition can be read here.

A competition in which Vitalis cannot be absent is the Batavierenrace. This is a relay race from Nijmegen to Enschede run by a team of 25 enthusiastic Vitalis members.

Finally, we also organise our own races! Every year in January there is the Zac Freudenburg Cross in the Stadspark and twice a year you can compete against other students from Groningen during the ACLO-Vitalisrun at Zernike. And of course there are the Club Championships: on the track, on the road and as a cross. Have you become curious? Read more about all CK's here.

Social activities

Besides all the training there are a lot of social activities. For instance, every Tuesday evening there is a lot of fun to be had in the canteen: after training we have dinner together. A number of Vitalists take on the task of cooking and everyone who wants to join in can join in.

Besides that, there is a social every month. This is on the second Wednesday of the month in our local pub Tram 13. At these socials there is often a fun theme, such as Valentine or Christmas. After the social we often go to another pub to dance till the early hours.

The FeestCie organises monthly activities. These activities vary from mountainbiking and canoeing in the canals of Groningen to bowling and ice skating. Usually these activities end with a beer in Tram 13.

In addition to these monthly activities, there are also annual activities. Every year, for example, there are two training weekends. During these weekends, a location is selected where you can train well, so that you are completely ready for the competition season. After the training sessions, games are played and in the evenings there are fun activities. For the Vitalists who would like to go away for a weekend, but do not want to train for once, there is the membersweekend. During this weekend, various teams compete in all kinds of games to win. Every year in October there is also the Vitalis gala. Here everyone has a different outfit than running shorts, and there is a great party. Finally, every summer a group of Vitalists go on a holiday together. They spend a week at a nice location, such as South Limburg or the Ardennes, doing everything from climbing to mountain biking and from running to swimming. Besides these sporting activities, many fun games are played so that everyone can enjoy a week of fun.


At Vitalis we have a lot of committees. Members who do a committee are called active members. Without active members, there would be a lot less to do at Vitalis! And a committee is just a lot of fun too. The Ei-Redactie for instance, makes the club magazine in which all juicy gossip can be found, the FeestCie organises socials and activities, the PR-SponsorCie promotes Vitalis during the KEI-week and intro period, the WPC (competition promotion committee) takes care of nice competitions and the FlitsCie captures all activities in pictures and aftermovies.

We have too many committees to mention here, so take a look under the heading 'committees' on the website.

Become a member

Would you like to become a member? Then go to the membership page for more information and click on the button on the left to sign up!

You can always come and try out some of our training groups 4 times without any obligations. Would you like to do this? Send an email to For all other questions you can also contact our secretary.

We hope to see you soon on the track or at an activity!