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Welcome to the website of student athletics association G.S.A.V. Vitalis, the largest student athletics association in the Netherlands! Vitalis is the association where athletics and fun are combined. From high jump to javelin throw and from sprinting to endurance runs, there will be a training group that suits you. In addition to sports, there’s time for fun: drinks, eating together after training, weekend getaways and many other activities.

If you have any questions you can always email the secretary ( or click below for more information about our association.

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Oktober review

By: Suzanne Knappmann, at 04-11-2022 at 16:13

After a successful introduction period in September full of trainings and activities, hopefully all new Vitalis members feel like a part of the club! October was just as active with many races and socials to keep everyone busy. The first of the month began with the CK baan, which despite the rainy weather and recovery from the member’s weekend, there were many great performances! The races didn’t stop there, with around thirty Vitalis members taking part in the 4mijl van Groningen. With much better weather and plenty of support along the course, nearly everyone was able to set a personal record!

But of course with racing hard, there is also the opportunity to unwind with the borrel this month having the theme of Oktoberfest! With some great outfits and plenty of beer, this was a perfect evening to relax. Miriam was crowned the Borrelkoningin for collecting the most points in the last year by coming to the most borrels and always wearing a great outfit! The fun didn’t stop there however, as it was time for the gala. There were even more outfits seen here with the theme of Peaky Blinders resulting in a very smart looking crowd! After dancing the night away it was time for more running… this time the ACLO-Vitalis run. The race began on the track at the ACLO with athletes having a choice between one or two laps of the course. With plenty of Vitalis members and members of the ACLO taking part it was a fun and social evening.Just 

One week later, many took the opportunity to try bouldering organized by the FeestCie which proved to be a challenging activity requiring a lot of strength! If you missed the bouldering, be sure to join the FeestCie again at the next borrel on November 9th. Or if you would like even more training, don’t forget to sign up for the training weekend which starts on November 25th, see you there!

September review

By: Suzanne Knappmann, at 11-10-2022 at 12:11

So to mention a packed month. September brought a lot of fun, records, and of course new members for Vitalis. It all started with a General Members Assembly in a cosy cafe De Keyzer, where the past six months were reflected. After this, every Vitalist could begin the intro period with a head full of fresh ideas.

And what an intro it was! With just under 90 intro members, Vitalis has once again managed to put itself on the map in Groningen student life. While of course people were introduced to the noble sport of athletics, there was also a lot of laughter during the running drink and pub quiz, the football tournament, and the association weekend as icing on the cake. A recurring theme in September was Flunkyball, which has been given an extra twist by replacing the beer with a delicious bowl of vanilla custard.

Not only has there been a peak on a social level but also on a sporting level the achievements of Vitalists should not go unnoticed. For example, during the club championships, club records were broken, podium places were won or regained and, above all, everyone put their best foot forward. Also during the 10x10 in Winschoten and the NSK Teams in Delft Vitalis fought for the prices. The latter has put the resistance of many to the test after an icy night in tents. 

All in all, another successful month and we are looking ahead to October, including the 4 Miles of Groningen, the Oktoberfest drink, the Peaky Blinders gala, the AV-run and a mighty activity by the FeestCie!

Report membersweekend

By: Suzanne Knappmann, at 05-10-2022 at 14:02

Members weekend is, of course, the best weekend of the year for everyone every single year. Memorable days filled with games, beer and, above all, a lot of fun. But for one person, members weekend is just a little more epic: The VIP! This year Laurens got to experience the weekend from this special role, read his experience below:

"At the Vitalis Auction, Marlo and Jerom thought it would be nice to spend a lot of money so that I could be the VIP this association weekend. A huge honour of course, but I didn't know exactly what to expect. In any case, as a true party member of Vitalis, I prepared myself for a lot of alcohol. Upon arrival (a bit later, of course), a beautiful chair with balloons was waiting for me and the FeestCie offered me a beautiful crown and sash so that I would stand out all weekend. Alcohol was also thought of by means of a bottle of luxury cava. As the weekend progressed, various tasks in the crazy 44, the slightly larger amounts of food, the delicious desserts, a special place in the photo and a round of applause during the meals made me realise even more that I was the VIP. Enjoyable, of course! The best actions were that my bed was decorated with flags and that I suddenly saw a framed picture of myself next to the TV during an evening activity. The fact that this photo was taken directly from instagram, so the arrows and dots for clicking through to other photos were still visible, certainly didn't spoil the fun. This photo now has a beautiful spot on my desk as a keepsake of this wonderful weekend. FeestCie, Marlo, Jerom and of course the other participants, thank you!"

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