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Welcome to the website of GSAV Vitalis

Welcome to the website of student athletics association G.S.A.V. Vitalis. We are the oldest and largest student athletics association in the Netherlands! Vitalis is an active association that competes in NSK's (Dutch student championships) and the nation wide competition. Besides athletics, lots of social activities are organized by Vitalis for its members.

If you have any questions you can always email the secretary ( or click below for more information about our association.

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Review January

By: Inge Salzmann, at 03-02-2021 at 20:42

January 2021 was a special month: on the one hand you had the usual exam stress and good intentions (you can give yourself a small round of applause if you have kept them up for more than a week), but on the other hand, a lot was canceled. Unfortunately, there were no ZFC and CK cross this year (although a number of Vitalists will have been happy that they did not have to slip and slide in the mud and shiver in the cold and rain).

Fortunately, the running fanaticism persisted: many kilometers have already been covered, even on days when it was slipping and sliding in the snow. By running together everyone keeps each other up to date, so that the gossip circuit within Vitalis is fortunately still running at full speed!

A number of activities took place online. For example, we were able to enjoy a New Year's dinner from the FeestCie again: this year not in the GA canteen, but in your own kitchen! For this special edition, the FeestCie even prepared all kinds of questions and fun facts. During the cooking it also became clear why for a number of Vitalists the Tuesday evening meal is so incredibly important: cutting a few onions was such a big challenge for some that you started to wonder how there was ever food on Tuesday evenings before twelve at night. And finally, there was the board change during the online ALV, in which the 24th board passed the baton to the 25th board. Despite the fact that no dance steps could be made in ‘de negende’ this year, we have confidence that we make 2021 a fun year together!

Board change

By: Inge Salzmann, at 21-01-2021 at 22:49

Yesterday the board change took place. The 25th board of Vitalis consists of:

Chairman: Thom van Kemenade
Secretary: Robert de Jong
Treasurer: Yvon Schreuder
Sport affairs: Jeroen de Wolf
Internal affairs: Martijn van Dijk
External affairs: Inge Salzmann

We are really looking forward to the upcoming year and we will start this year with great enthusiasm!

Kind regards, 

The 25th board of GSAV Vitalis

Upper row left to right: Thom van Kemenade, Robert de Jong, Yvon Schreuder
Lower row left to right: Jeroen de Wolf, Inge Salzmann, Martijn van Dijk

November Review

By: Tom Speelman, at 01-12-2020 at 20:03

A lot has happened within Vitalis again this month. Although on a sportive level there has been training in a modified form, unfortunately there have not been any matches. Luckily, Vitalis is richer than just sports and there hasn't been a standstill on the social level.

Shotya, the Vitalis shooting game held many Vitalist in its grip and finally Gerbrand won. With the effective collection of bonus points, 3 kills and at the end signal still on the sidewalk of his 4th victim, makes him a rightful winner.

Playing games did not stop at Shotya alone, because there were also alive werewolves. Every night an innocent civilian was eaten by the bloodthirsty werewolves. During the day, the citizens tried to vote away the werewolves with minimal evidence. What began with a difficult start for the citizens, after the 3rd day a werewolf was voted away and the ball started to roll. The werewolves depended on the intelligence of the civilians and went down ingloriously. You can all sleep peacefully again.

Despite the fun games, the unveiling of the candidate board caused the most commotion within Vitalis. Before the unveiling, a pub quiz was played with questions from a wide variety of categories. After it was determined that the average Vitalis player has a good set of brains, the teams: "Huntersma & co" and "Socially incapable Michiel and the Chrisjes Bijen" took the first place. Then it was time for the unveiling by means of a very strong put together movie: This showed that the candidate board of Vitalis consists of;

-Thom of Kemenade, Chairman

-Robert de Jong, Secretary

-Yvon Schreuder, Treasurer

-Jeroen the Wolf, Commissioner Sport

-Martijn van Dijk, Commissioner Internal Affairs

-Inge Salzmann, Commissioner External Affairs

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