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Welcome to the website of student athletics association G.S.A.V. Vitalis, the largest student athletics association in the Netherlands! Vitalis is the association where athletics and fun are combined. From high jump to javelin throw and from sprinting to endurance runs, there will be a training group that suits you. In addition to sports, there’s time for fun: drinks, eating together after training, weekend getaways and many other activities.

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Report Batavierenrace

By: Suzanne Knappmann, at 16-05-2022 at 22:06

Written by Thijs

It has been a little while now, but after two years without a physical Batavierenrace. On Friday 29th of April it was finally time for the 50th edition of the largest student event in Europe. While part of team Vitalis was looking for a place in the train, a fully packed van with luggage was already on its way to Enschede to claim a spot on the "butterfly campsite". While some of us were getting a can of lukewarm beer while putting up the tent in Enschede, the evening crew in Nijmegen were already looking for the best place to produce a number 2. At 22:30 the starting shot sounded, which was the signal for Bouwe to give the Vitalis team a good start. The continuation of the evening shift went smoothly and the team overtook one after the other. Even after a flat tyre and Yvon walking backwards, our team was the first to arrive at the restart point. This was partly because the university teams had also started an hour later, but that is a side issue.
Meanwhile, after a few hours of sleep, the morning team arrived at the restart to take over the baton (or in this case, the vest). Everyone in the morning team also ran their lungs out of their bodies, although the question was whether Bart would be able to run in the tight schedule for both RUG Hanze and Vitalis. This turned out to be no problem and soon it was the afternoon team's turn to do the job. After the start in Nijmegen and stages that went through Germany, the sight of the Grolsch factory was the sign that the finish was nearby.
Once back on campus it was up to Renske and Robin to represent us in the final leg ending on the athletics track. After a strong final sprint with the flag around their shoulders, this resulted in a total time of 12:51:06 and a 15th place in the general classification.
Meanwhile, the RUG Hanze team with Vitalis as the main provider of the team had blown away all the other university teams. With a lead of more than twenty minutes over their nearest competitor, these top teams received their prizes on the podium in the party tent. Of course, the party could not start before we had all eaten some Chinese food together with team Rug Hanze, Tritanium and the Aclo. What happened at the party didn't quite stick, but it's definitely worth a visit next year.
The next morning, the alarm clock woke up very early for many, because a large part had to be on the rink again for the competition. All in all, it was a very successful weekend!

April review

By: Suzanne Knappmann, at 03-05-2022 at 11:31

Written by Inge

April started with the first physical edition of the Vitalis auction, where there was a lot of bidding on all kinds of coveted items. The fifth pair of ‘Loopgroep Kech’ shorts were auctioned, you could throw a pie in the face of your favourite PR-SponsorCie member and an IKEA table was sold for 4x its market value. In the end, the auction brought in a nice sum of 740 euros.

One week later the condition of many Vitalists was put to the test during the ACLO-Vitalisrun. It was a competitive run on both the short and long distance, and there was a lot of encouragement from Vitalists who were along the route as course guards. In the end Vitalis managed to win medals on 8 of the 12 podium places. To conclude the race, there was a pub quiz run as a fun element. Giving the right answer to the music and knowledge questions turned out to be more difficult than, so many participants had to walk the last 100 metres backwards as a punishment for giving the wrong answer.

After the AV-run, everyone could go straight to Tram 13, where an Easter drink was on the programme. At first, the search for the hidden chocolate Easter bunny was more intense than for the beers, but in the end everyone managed to find their beer. The evening continued into the early hours.

To stay in the Easter theme, the WPC organised the first edition of the Easter Bunny Cup. The lovely sunshine and relaxed atmosphere made this race a nice opening of the competition season. Even on this first competition 18 PR's were broken, so that promises well for the coming competitions!

The month of April had even more in store, because the FeestCie organised a kickboxing workshop. Most of the participants showed an unprecedented amount of strength (and in some cases frustration). From now on you are not safe anymore if one of these Vitalists has a bone to pick with you.

At the end of April, for the first time in two years, there was the Batavierenrace, about which you can read everything in the next report!

Report Trainingsweekend

By: Suzanne Knappmann, at 20-04-2022 at 12:07

Written by Rens

On April 1, the day of jokes and pranks, a number of motivated Vitalists travelled to Ommen for the annual spring training weekend. Towards the end of the afternoon, the first Vitalists arrived at the accommodation in the beautiful countryside of Overijssel. Here they had a meal together and prepared for the coming training on Saturday. Of course, this evening also involved games, from intense Secret Hitler to a slightly more light-hearted game of Qwix.The next morning, after a good breakfast, the first athletes braved the five-kilometre route to the athletics track to continue training there. First a guided warming up by Dirk, then different distances on the track, Javelin throwing and high jumping. Everyone did his best in the morning, with varying results. After a well-deserved lunch, the athletes went in different directions. There was an ab workout, the real powerhouses went into the power base and for the athletes who hadn't run enough, there was a 10-kilometre run. In the evening, a delicious beer was consumed.

While some woke up fully refreshed on Sunday, other athletes' eyes were a little smaller. But a beautiful running route through the woods of Ommen was waiting for everyone. After this route, the training weekend was almost over, right? The NS had a breakdown, so we could enjoy the fun a little longer. The walking route back to the station, ideal to walk off the sore muscles, was completed with delicious ice cream for most. After a small detour in Emmen, all Vitalists arrived back in the far north and everyone is all ready for the competition season.

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