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Welcome to the website of GSAV Vitalis

Welcome to the website of student athletics association G.S.A.V. Vitalis. We are the oldest and largest student athletics association in the Netherlands! Vitalis is an active association that competes in NSK's (Dutch student championships) and the nation wide competition. Besides athletics, lots of social activities are organized by Vitalis for its members.

If you have any questions you can always email the secretary ( or click below for more information about our association.

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First competition in Nijmegen!

By: Rianna Lugtenborg, at 20-04-2019 at 10:06

And so, the first competition that took place on Sunday, April 14 is over. With a lot of wind but luckily also  the sun, both teams performed well.
At 11:30 am the first points were won for the men on swinging shot by Alex, who threw a distance of 23.70 meters. Joris also delivered nice throws for the same part. Ted and Eric were the first to try out the headwind on the 110 meters. Both men went well. The 800 meter men Laurens and Thijs both fought. Thijs managed to take third place in his series and finished in 2: 02.56, and Laurens finished fifth in the same series. Then Wouter and Christopher stood at the start of the 100 meters. Christopher managed to win the win on this part in a time of 11.42 seconds. In the meantime Martijn also jumped high and a nice 5.98 meter jumped when he jumped through Skip. The afternoon was approaching and the weather was getting a lot better. The 5km men were at the start, Thijmen and Federico finished one after the other in 16.21.39 and 16: 40.46 minutes. In the 200 meters Christopher managed to get high again with a strong time of 22.37. Wouter also ran a good 200 meters in the same series. Over to the 400 meters that was run fast by the men Skip and Stefan. Skip became second in his series with 53.50s and Stefan sixth in a time of 51.50s. Meanwhile, Alex and Ted were hit hard in the middle area. Finally, the Swedish relay was on the program, Stefan, Eric, Christopher and Wouter became second in this section in a top time of 2.02.40 which is no less than 4 hundredths above the club record. The Vitalis men have delivered great performances and are currently 24th nationwide!

For the women, Anouk already started shot put and shot the bullet just before the 7 meter, 6.94. The ladies Femke and Michela were together in the fastest 100m hurdles series. After this good race of both ladies, Femke had to go very fast to her next part, high jump, where she jumped the 1.45 level. After the hurdles, the 800 meters were run by Silke and Ineke. Both ladies were in the fastest series and it was a great race to see. Silke had a great final sprint at the end and as a result won her series and had the fastest time of 2.19.29. Not far behind, Ineke finished fourth in a time of 2.21.68. Then it was the turn for the sprint ladies. Noa and Anniek took third and fifth place in their 100-meter series. In the meantime Anja jumped a nice 9.34m with a jump. Then it was the turn of the 400 ladies. Ilona and Isabel both went very well. Ilona finished in a time of 1: 1.95 and Isabel in 1:04:52. After this Anja and Ineke threw another disc and Femke hit a bullet that landed at 8.92 meters. In group two of the hop-and-jump jump, Noa limped a distance of 10.39 and Lianne won more than 3 km in a good time of 9: 52.98. At the 200m it was just as exciting, Anniek was too enthusiastic and got a DQ due to a false start. Michela in the same series was nicely fifth in a time of 28: 00s. And the Swedish relay race for the ladies. Ilona, Anja, Anniek and Noa, just like the men, were able to walk the second time. With a tenth place nationwide, the ladies can look back well on the first competition!

RunX NSK Baan 2019

By: Ronald Hinrichs, at 16-04-2019 at 15:32

This year Vitalis is honoured to organise the Dutch Student Championships Track and Field (NSK Baan). In order for this to be an unforgettable event, the committee is hard at work with the preparations. Only one and a half months are left before the event kicks off, on the 30th and 31st of May the battles for the medals will be fought. 

Show what you’re made of and compete in the event. You can sign up till the 22nd of May, make sure you’re there so hurry and sign up! Like our facebook page to stay informed and share it so that we reach as many people as possible, thanks! ;)

As this is our own event we hope to welcome all Vitalis members either as participant or as volunteer. You can also help out and participate. Volunteers are rewarded a lunch for helping half a day and get additional dinner when helping out the entire day. Should you be unable to make it during the day, be sure to join us at the final party!



Pick-up Forte sportswear

By: Rianna Lugtenborg, at 04-04-2019 at 08:48

Dear Vitalis member, 

There are two moments left to pick up your Forte Sportswear clothing!

Possible pick-up moments:

Thursday, April 4 between 18:15 and 18:45
Tuesday, April 9: from 20.30

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