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Welcome to the website of GSAV Vitalis

Welcome to the website of student athletics association G.S.A.V. Vitalis. We are the oldest and largest student athletics association in the Netherlands! Vitalis is an active association that competes in NSK's (Dutch student championships) and the nation wide competition. Besides athletics, lots of social activities are organized by Vitalis for its members.

If you have any questions you can always email the secretary ( or click below for more information about our association.

September Review

By: Tom Speelman, at 04-10-2020 at 15:57

September was a busy month with the last competitions of the summer season, 2 DSC’s and of course the introduction period!

September started with a competition at the track in Leeuwarden where a group of 9 Vitalists ran fast times, including no less than 5 PRs. In the same weekend there was the DSC Teams in Hengelo where a group of 24 athletes participated. On this beautiful day 24 PRs and 7 podium places were achieved, including a nice first place for Team Rietadt during the fun event "the disinfection relay". After this sporty weekend, the introduction period started: with 64 intro members, 20 intro parents and 3 weeks of activities, it was a fun and busy time. A lot of training was done during the intro period: the 8 intro groups had 8 different training sessions, so that they could become acquainted with all aspects of athletics. In addition to this sportsmanship, there was also plenty of time for fun activities: there was a running social in which the intro groups competed against each other during different games, the party committee organized a football tournament and at the end of the introduction period there was a committee market where after a long time there was a Tuesday dinner for once.

During these busy weeks, Vitalists were at the start at various competitions. Athletes ran at the Singelloop in Enschede, the NK Athletics for juniors, the 4 miles from Assen, the evening competition in Dronten, the DSC track in Nijmegen (where Femke took second place in the high jump and Silke first place in the 3000m) , the BB runners Baan classic in Zwolle, the Thaisner DörpsRun and the closing race in Leeuwarden. This entire list of competitions shows nicely that everyone was able to participate in some competitions in this weird corona season.

September ended with the semi-annual GMM of the board: despite the fact that it has been a strange first six months, the board has done a lot and they are completely ready for the second part of their board year!

Dutch Student Championships Track and Field (NSK Baan)

By: Yvon Schreuder, at 24-09-2020 at 22:28

Last weekend, the National Student Championships for track and field (‘’NSK baan’’) took place in Nijmegen. About 30 Vitalists participated in this event. Amerins, Anouk and Karlijn kicked off the day with javelin. This resulted in a personal record for both Amerins and Karlijn. At the same time, high jump had started for Amerins and Femke. Femke jumped a new personal record of 1.53 meters, resulting in a second place! After the first technical events, it was time for the 100m qualification rounds for Anniek, Noa, Anouk, Sven and Jelmer. Sadly enough there was a lot of headwind, resulting in slower times than hoped. Nevertheless, Anniek and Noa both managed to qualify for the final later that day. The next event was the 100 meter hurdles final for the woman. This resulted in a 5th place finish for Femke and a 6th place finish for Yvon. The hurdles were quickly cleared from the track, to make room for the 800m runners Rowie, Ronald, Eric and Wouter Olthof. Wouter ran a personal record with a time just above the 2 minutes. Eric managed to break the 2 minute mark again, resulting in a 5th place finish. Both Rowie and Ronald also ran a personal record on this distance. Very nice to see Ronald back in action after a long period of injuries. Next up was the 400 meter, a very popular event among the Vitalists this NSK (5 women at the start). This resulted in a 4th place finish for Ilona, a 7th place finish for Anniek and personal records for Ineke, Inge and Yvon. Stephan ran the 400 meter as well and finished in 7th place. The start blocks were cleared from the track, so the long distance runners could get ready for the 3000m and the 5000m. The 3000 meter was won by Silke, which means she is the National Student Champion of 2020. In addition, there were personal records for Isabel, Milou and Esther on this distance. Very nice to see that athletes of the road group (Milou, Esther and Eva) decided to participate in a track competition. Jeffrey and Tom participated in the 5000m, resulting in an excellent time under the 19 minutes for Jeffrey and a personal record for Tom. In the meantime, Jelmer cleared a height of 1.75 during the high jump competition. The next event on the schedule was the 200 meters. This resulted in personal records for Ronald, Sven and Inge, but unfortunately also a small hamstring injury for Stephan. Noa also had some hamstring issues, and therefore decided not to start in the 100 meter final. Anniek did participate in the 100m final and finished in 7th place. The shot put competition resulted in a 4th place for Alex and a personal record for Karlijn, the triple jump competition resulted in a nice distance of 10.31 for Yvon. The last event of the day was the 4x400 meter mixed, in which we had one Vitalis team at the start. After a nice meal at a Greek restaurant, it was time to go home after a long but successful day.

Match Report DSC Teams 2020

By: Tom Speelman, at 14-09-2020 at 12:15

Last Saturday, September 5, the DSC Teams took place in Hengelo. With a large group of 24 Vitalists we left for the FBK Stadium in Hengelo. We had to gather early at the station to be on time for the first events. After a long train journey in which some of us slept a bit, we arrived at the stadium.

The day started with the 4x100 meters for men and women. Despite the fact that not all change-overs went smoothly, good times were set. With loud encouragement from the rest of the team, the men rushed to the finish in 46.47 and the women in 54.88. Meanwhile, the technical events also started. In the discus throw both Karlijn (21.13m) and Anouk (19.88m) threw a PR. In the shot put of the men, Joris put a beautiful 7.86m and Alex a PR of 11.91m, which resulted in a second place. After these events a special event started, namely the Drienerlose mile: 1348.3m (nobody understands why there was not simply a 1500m). The only advantage of such a special distance is that a lot of PRs could be run: Ineke raced to the second place in a time of 4:13.97 and Eva ran a nice 5:03.09. Martijn vH and Tom S ran 3:57.72 and 4:32.24 respectively. At the same time, the men's high jump was also going on: Jeroen achieved a nice PR of 1.55m (he is getting closer and closer to the 2.02m on his Vitalis jumper) and Jelmer jumped to 1.75m, 5 cm below his PR. After this it was time for another obsolete event, namely the 300m. Isabel, Stefan and Inge ran the 300m in a PR: Isabel in 46.68, Stefan in 36.72 and Inge in 47.02. At the same time, the women's long jump started, where Noa and Vitalis’ new member Amerins took part in the fight: despite the rain shower that suddenly started halfway through the long jump, Amerins jumped a PR of 4.31 meters and Noa jumped 5.17 meters, taking a third place. Joris had meanwhile started to throw javelin, where he reached the furthest distance in his last throw (35.21m). After this, the third obsolete part of the day started: the 200 meter hurdles, where once again everyone rushed to a PR. In the first series for women, Isabel ran 35.48 and Yvon won in 32.77. In the second series Femke ran 32.88. In the men's category, Sven finished in 31.05 and Eric sprinted to the third place in 26.75. After her finish Femke had to go straight to the high jump, where, like Jelmer, she jumped 5 cm below her PR (1.45m). Amerins had her 2nd PR of the day with 1.40m. Sven was also able to continue immediately after his 200 meters hurdles, namely to the long jump. Here he jumped a PR of 5.49m and Jeroen also jumped a PR: 4.54m. In the javelin throw Anouk threw 20.25m and Karlijn (in her only valid throw) 21.89m. In the meantime it was already time for the third sprint segment: the 100 meters. Here Inge ran 14.13 and Noa reached the second place in 12.81 after a start that she was not happy about. Among the men, Sven achieved his third PR of the day with a time of 12.35 and Jelmer ran a fast 12.18. After all this sprinting it was finally time for the longer running event: Ineke, Nynke and Eva started the 3000m and all three managed to finish in a PR: Ineke finished third in 10:22.22, Nynke finished in 11:14.90 and Eva ran 12:43,88. The men had to run a little further: Martijn ran the 5000m in 16:51,12 and Tom managed to run a time under 20 minutes for the first time: he ran a PR of 19:21.75. After this already long list of achievements, it was finally time for the last technical parts of the day: the shot put for the women and the discus throw for the men. Anouk put just under 8 meters (7.97) and Amerins had her third PR of the day with 7.59m. In the discus throw, Alex just missed the 30 meters (29.92m), whether this is due to the beers from earlier that day remains unclear, and Jeroen threw a PR of 26.35m. The last event of the day was the relay: the 4x400. The women's team ran a nice 4:25.35 and the men's team finished in 3:50.58. In the team classification, both the men's and women's teams achieved 57 points: a nice fifth and sixth place. The day ended with delicious pizzas on the track, a nice score of 24 PRs and 6 podium places and a long train journey back home.

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